Meteorito: Tomatier Snack packaging for Nijasol, Carrefour. Fun monster design, cherry tomatoes for kids and parents. Healthy snack.
Jun 18, 2024

Tomatier Snack: Transforming Cherry Tomato Consumption with Playful Packaging

The Tomatier Snack packaging project for Nijasol, designed specifically for Carrefour, aims to make cherry tomatoes appealing to both children and their parents.

The packaging transforms a standard snack into a fun, engaging experience with a "friendly monster" character as its centerpiece.

The monster theme is cleverly integrated into the design, with the creature's mouth forming windows that showcase the tomatoes inside, and its tomato peduncle-shaped crest acting as a unique closure mechanism.

The playful motto, "Monsters cool and tomatoes too," encourages children to enjoy the sweet taste of cherry tomatoes, while subtly promoting the nutritional benefits to parents. This project brilliantly merges storytelling with practicality, creating a package that is both fun and functional.

Meteorito: Cherry tomato packaging with monster theme for Nijasol, Carrefour. Engaging design for kids, healthy lunch option.
Meteorito: Fun Tomatier Snack for Nijasol, Carrefour. Cherry tomatoes in monster packaging. Appeals to kids, nutritious.
Meteorito: Monster-themed cherry tomato packaging for Nijasol, Carrefour. Playful and healthy snack for children and parents.
Meteorito: Nijasol's Tomatier Snack, Carrefour. Cherry tomatoes in fun monster design. Kids love it, nutritious snack.
Meteorito: Engaging cherry tomato packaging for Nijasol, Carrefour. Monster design for kids. Healthy snack option.
Meteorito: Creative Tomatier Snack packaging for Nijasol, Carrefour. Fun monster design, nutritious cherry tomatoes for kids.
Meteorito: Nijasol's cherry tomato snack, Carrefour. Monster-themed packaging. Appeals to kids and parents, healthy lunch.
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