Here Design presents Trulli Ulivi, a modern ode to Puglia's heritage.
May 15, 2024

"Trulli Ulivi: Reviving Puglia's Essence"

Trulli Ulivi embodies a synthesis of tradition and novelty, celebrating Puglia's dynamic heritage. The brand's identity finds inspiration in Ostuni's typography, echoing the region's vernacular charm. Complementing this, geometric motifs pay homage to the iconic trulli architecture, lending depth to the brand's narrative.

Through comprehensive storytelling, Trulli Ulivi chronicles Puglia's seasonal rhythms, artisanal practices, and community ethos, informing every facet of its persona. As stewards of ancient olive groves, the founders' mission extends beyond producing premium olive oil; it signifies a cultural resurgence in Puglia's gastronomic legacy.

Trulli Ulivi serves as a beacon of modernity amidst tradition, fostering local engagement and sustainable stewardship, thus perpetuating the timeless allure of Puglia's culinary landscape.

Here Design invites you to celebrate Puglia's dynamic culture with Trulli Ulivi's premium olive oil.
Here Design introduces Trulli Ulivi, where you can discover the essence of Puglia's culinary legacy.
Here Design invites you to experience the vibrant spirit of Puglia through Trulli Ulivi's artisanal olive oil.
Here Design welcomes you to immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Puglia with Trulli Ulivi's premium olive oil.
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