Erva Design. Sustainable children's fashion, playful logo with spheres, eco-friendly colors.
Feb 13, 2024

Revolutionizing Children's Fashion: "MimoCool" Brand's Commitment to Sustainability Through Playful Design

The "MimoCool" brand's latest visual identity project stands out as a pioneering approach to children's fashion, emphasizing sustainability and joy. At the heart of this design overhaul are the spheres, ingeniously bridging the brand's name in its logo and becoming a fundamental symbol of its visual narrative. These spheres are not just decorative elements; they encapsulate the essence of playfulness, joy, and the simplicity found in childhood. This choice of symbolization reflects a deep understanding of the brand's core audience - children, whose worlds are filled with imagination and fun.

The color scheme plays a pivotal role in reinforcing the brand's values. By selecting shades of brown and beige, the designers made a conscious decision to mirror the brand's dedication to environmental respect and sustainability. These earthy tones are a visual commitment to the planet, signifying MimoCool's pledge to tread lightly on the earth. This choice goes beyond aesthetics, serving as a reminder of the brand's ethos: every item of clothing and toy represents a step towards a brighter, more sustainable future for the next generations.

The design project for MimoCool goes beyond mere visual appeal; it is a testament to the brand's mission to offer conscious and responsible options in children's fashion. Through its innovative use of symbols and colors, MimoCool invites both parents and children to be part of a movement towards a sustainable future, making each selection a joyful act of environmental stewardship. This design case study exemplifies how visual identity can encapsulate and communicate a brand's deepest values and aspirations, setting a new standard in the industry.

Erva Design. Eco-conscious kidswear, brown beige palette, MimoCool visual identity.
Erva Design. Joyful sustainable fashion for kids, MimoCool brand logo spheres.
Erva Design. MimoCool's eco-friendly children's apparel, playful design elements.
Erva Design. Sustainable kidswear, MimoCool visual identity with earthy tones.
Erva Design. MimoCool fashion, environmental respect through design, brown beige logo.
Erva Design. Playful, sustainable children's clothing, MimoCool brand identity spheres.
Erva Design. Eco-conscious MimoCool kidswear, joyful visual symbols, sustainability colors.
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