Heydays Whereby video conferencing unique brand human-centric strategy
Mar 19, 2024

Whereby: Redefining Video Meetings with a Brand That Inspires Beyond Tech

Whereby emerges as a fresh contender in the saturated market of video conferencing, setting itself apart not by competing on technical prowess but by championing a more human-centric ethos. The brand's strategy pivots on the recognition that while technological performance and features are baseline expectations, the true value lies in empowering individuals to break free from monotonous routines and envision a life where they can flourish.

In developing Whereby's brand identity, the focus was on crafting a narrative that transcends the typical tech-first approach, aiming instead to inspire users to seek out environments—both physically and digitally—where they are most productive and happy. This shift towards a brand that motivates and encourages personal well-being as a cornerstone of professional success is a bold move in a field traditionally dominated by feature-heavy messaging.

The deliverables spanned a comprehensive suite, including brand strategy, activation, category design, and visual identity, alongside more tangible assets like illustrations, digital product design, web design, and development. These elements collectively underpin Whereby’s ambition to not just be a tool for video meetings but a catalyst for change in how people perceive work and life balance.

The visual identity and illustrative work are particularly noteworthy for their role in communicating this ethos. Eschewing the sterile, corporate aesthetic typical of its competitors, Whereby's branding utilizes a warm, inviting palette and engaging visuals that reflect its mission to inspire and facilitate a healthier, more fulfilling way of working and living. Through these choices, Whereby positions itself as not just a platform for meetings, but a beacon for those seeking to redefine what it means to work and live well.

Heydays Whereby breaks monotony with creative work-life balance ethos
Heydays Whereby's visual identity showcases warm, inviting palette
Heydays Inspiring professional success through personal well-being by Whereby
Heydays Catalyst for change in work and life balance by Whereby
Heydays Whereby's digital product design fosters productivity, happiness
Heydays Comprehensive suite from Whereby: strategy to web development
Heydays Redefining work with Whereby's human-centric video meetings
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