Smörgåsbord: LOT61 coffee brand identity, Amsterdam architecture inspiration, minimalist design.
Jan 11, 2024

LOT61: Architecture of a timeless coffee brand identity

LOT61, an emerging coffee brand, faced an identity dilemma as it was rapidly changing in a multi-brand market. Recognizing 2020 as a key year, we set ourselves the goal of strengthening and elevating the brand image. The essence of the new identity is to combine contemporary charm with lasting value, while deeply rooting the brand in a specific "sense of place".

The creative process began with an exhaustive analysis of global coffee brands, categorizing them into four distinct styles: Minimal/Hipster, Traditional/Established, Source/Provenance and Mainstream. This research was instrumental in positioning LOT61 uniquely at the intersection of minimalist/hipster and traditional/established aesthetics. The main inspiration was the Amsterdam School of Architecture, known for its distinctive and expressive style. This choice not only paid tribute to the origins of LOT61, but also gave the brand a sense of authenticity and place.

The success of the rebranding can be seen in its impact on the market. The packaging has become as desirable as the coffee itself, indicating the brand's resonance with its audience. This case study shows how a well-thought-out and executed brand strategy, deeply rooted in local culture and history, can not only solve an identity crisis, but also take a brand to new heights in a competitive market.

Smörgåsbord: LOT61 rebranding success, distinctive packaging, sustainable coffee market impact.
Smörgåsbord: LOT61 unique identity, cultural integration, Amsterdam School influence.
Smörgåsbord: Coffee brand evolution, LOT61, Amsterdam architecture, market resonance.
Smörgåsbord: LOT61 brand elevation, minimalist-hipster style, architectural aesthetics.
Smörgåsbord: Coffee packaging design, LOT61 identity, Amsterdam School style.
Smörgåsbord: LOT61 market impact, sustainable coffee brand, architectural inspiration.
Smörgåsbord: Brand strategy, LOT61 coffee, Amsterdam influence, market success.
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