Pentagram Wings Logo: High-end Akbank credit card Wings logo redesign focusing on the concept of "The Insider Edge" for premium financial services.
Sep 29, 2023

Wings: A Reimagined Brand Identity Steered by "The Insider Edge" Concept, Aiming for Premium Differentiation in the Financial Sector

In the competitive landscape of financial services, Wings, an Akbank offering, needed a makeover that transcended the generic. Entrusted to Pentagram, the rebrand hinges on the concept of "The Insider Edge," serving as the nexus for the new identity. The unique shapes in the letters "W" and "I" in the logo manifest this theme, further underscored by a forward-leaning angle symbolizing dynamism and ambition.

A series of repeating lines extend the logo's core angle, creating a flexible and visually consistent graphical device. In a sector often confined to conventional hues, Wings breaks the mold with a dark turquoise, steel, and ivory palette, positioning itself squarely in the premium space.

The new identity goes beyond superficial changes. It anchors Wings as a brand finely tuned to affluent lifestyles, adeptly differentiating it in a crowded market. The rebranding manifests not just in visual elements but aligns with the brand's promise of unique, premium experiences for its cardholders.

Pentagram Typography: Unique "W" and "I" characters in Wings logo showcasing competitive advantage and aspirational branding in finance.
Pentagram Graphic Elements: Dynamic repeating lines and angular tone blocks enhancing Wings brand's visual vocabulary in financial sector.
Pentagram Color Palette: Dark turquoise, steel, and ivory colors differentiating Wings in premium financial services market.
Pentagram Brand Coherence: Comprehensive brand language for Wings maintaining visual coherence and adaptability across platforms.
Pentagram Akbank Collaboration: Ongoing work between Pentagram and Akbank elevating Wings to premium status in financial services.
Pentagram Lifestyle Imagery: Sophisticated images emphasizing the premium lifestyle and unique experiences offered by Akbank's Wings credit card.
Pentagram Brand Positioning: Reimagined Wings identity targeting affluent clients, differentiating in a saturated financial services market.
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