Wedge World: Ami Ami brand identity for sustainable French wine, eco-friendly packaging.
Dec 29, 2023

"Ami Ami: Revolutionization of French wine with sustainable elegance"

Ami Ami, a California undertaking, redefined the French wine experience, combining environmental awareness with a sophisticated taste. A brand identity has been created, which resonates with both ecology and wine pleasures.

This case study delves into the journey of Ami Ami, emphasizing the innovative approach to packing French wine in boxes, not traditional bottles. This change causes a 50% reduction in the carbon trace during a transferavic shipping, which indicates the brand's involvement in sustainable development. The concept of "thinking outside the bottle" is not only a clever play on words; It takes into account the essence of Ami Ami's mission involving the offering exceptional red and white wines that positively contribute to the environment.

The design process focused on creating an unforgettable, friendly brand that encourages pleasure in any way that the consumer prefers.

Wedge World, known for its specialist knowledge in the scope of calling the brand, strategy, visual identity and others, played a key role in reviving the vision of Ami Ami. Their approach combined intimacy and the possibility of adapting a small agency with the professionalism and structure of a larger company. The result is a brand that not only looks attractive, but also effectively communicates its basic values.

The final design of the Ami Ami packaging and identity reflects the deeply rooted passion and attention to detail. It represents a trouble -free mix of free elegance and environmental responsibility, inviting consumers to the world of wine without rules. Ami Ami is a lighthouse of innovation in the wine industry, constituting a statement not only through its product, but also through involvement in sustainable development and perfection of design.

Wedge World: Innovative eco wine packaging, Ami Ami's French wine revolution.
Wedge World: Ami Ami's sustainable French wine, unique box packaging design.
Wedge World: Eco-conscious French wine brand, Ami Ami's green packaging.
Wedge World: Ami Ami's branding for eco-friendly French wine, innovative design.
Wedge World: French wine reimagined by Ami Ami, sustainable box packaging.
Wedge World: Ami Ami French wine, eco-design packaging, brand identity.
Wedge World: Ami Ami's sustainable wine packaging, revolution in French wine branding.
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