Study Hall. Bold Thick Pickle brand identity, neon green, chrome packaging.
Apr 12, 2024

Thick Pickle: Embracing the Thickness - A Bold Brand Identity Case Study

Thick Pickle boldly challenges the snack market. Its ethos is uncompromisingly bold and appeals to adventurous pickle lovers everywhere. Imagine encountering its tall, neon green and chrome packaging, housing a single colossal pickle, enticing with intrigue and humor.

Before the Kickstarter campaign, Thick Pickle consulted with food scientists, chefs and sailors, confirming the collective desire for massive, juicy pickles. Its website provides an important testing ground for consumer feedback, paving the way for future efforts.

Central to Thick Pickle's identity is its vibrant visual language, with bold neon greens juxtaposed with earthy olive tones, embellished with foil embossing and oversized typography. Dynamic 3D elements such as "The Brine Soaker" add depth and fun.

Thick Pickle's irreverent humor, reflected in the brand's cheeky copy and personality, fosters a sense of camaraderie with its audience. Powered by the studio's efforts, Thick Pickle is more than just a snack - it's an expression of boldness and indulgence. Join the Tang Gang and "Respect Thickness".

Study Hall. Adventurous snack, colossal pickle, Kickstarter campaign insights.
Study Hall. Thick Pickle website for consumer feedback, juicy pickles love.
Study Hall. Neon green and olive tones, Thick Pickle vibrant visuals
Study Hall. Bold foil embossed packaging, oversized typography for Thick Pickle.
Study Hall. 3D "The Brine Soaker" adds fun, depth to Thick Pickle brand.
Study Hall. Cheeky copy, Thick Pickle's irreverent humor engages audience.
Study Hall. "Respect Thickness" mantra, Thick Pickle's bold snack expression.
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