Koto: Gustini rebrand, 'La Dolce Vita' essence, Italian food market modern design.
Jan 31, 2024

Gustini: Weaving "La Dolce Vita" into a tapestry of a modern brand

The recent rebranding of Gustini, the Italian food market, is a masterful combination of tradition and modernity. This transformation, designed to broaden the brand's appeal while honoring its existing customers, clearly captures the spirit of Italy's "La Dolce Vita." The essence of this project is contained in the new brand identity, which harmonizes with the slogan "The sunny side of life". This motto reflects every aspect of Gustini's revamped image, from visual elements to user experience.

The collaboration resulted in a logo that pays homage to the rich heritage of Italian graphic design, using Colophon's "Sunset Gothic" typeface. This choice balances character with clarity, reflecting Gustini's personality as delightful and refreshing. The color palette brings the vibrancy of Italy to life, with shades reflecting terracotta, the Mediterranean Sea and the golden sun.

The most important element of the rebranding are the evocative photographs and brand designs that depict the life stories of Italian culinary artisans. Inspired by traditional fruit packaging found in Italian markets, these pieces tell the story of the rich heritage behind each product category. Additional logos diversify the fun by strengthening brand contact points and packaging.

The redesign of Gustini's e-commerce platform focuses on improving user navigation and storytelling. It elevates the shopping experience by ensuring a seamless journey from product discovery to home delivery. The website now effectively showcases manufacturers' products and narratives, reflecting Gustini's ethos of quality and "The Good Life."

This rebranding is more than just a visual change, it is a strategic move aimed at giving Gustini a fresh, modern character. It celebrates Italian culinary heritage while attracting a new, younger audience. Koto's approach was deeply rooted in Gustini's history, passion and commitment to quality, resulting in a brand identity that is as enjoyable and refreshing as "La Dolce Vita" itself. This project is a true testament to the power of thoughtful design in storytelling and brand evolution.

Koto: Gustini logo, Sunset Gothic, Italian graphic heritage, brand identity.
Koto: Gustini color palette, terracotta, Mediterranean Sea, Italian vibrancy.
Koto: Gustini photography, Italian culinary artisans, traditional storytelling.
Koto: Gustini e-commerce redesign, user-friendly, seamless shopping experience.
oto: Gustini product showcase, quality Italian goods, 'The Good Life' theme.
Koto: Gustini modern appeal, attracting younger audience, Italian culinary heritage.
Koto: Gustini's refreshing brand identity, 'La Dolce Vita', impactful design.
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