We Are Motto: Transforming Worker-First Job Search
Oct 16, 2023

An employee-first brand is revolutionizing job search

In the bustling job search platform, Bandana emerges as a ray of change. At its core, Bandana embodies the motto: "It all starts with people," guiding an employee-first approach to job search. Serving the underserved, Bandana seeks to bridge the gap for America's 80 million hourly workers by offering transparency on pay, benefits and more.

The essence of the brand "For the People" is its guiding principle. It includes a commitment to prioritize the needs and interests of the hourly worker community. Inspired by the iconic bandana, the bandana's name symbolizes determination, hard work and rebellion - qualities that resonate across cultures and ages.

The brand's voice, embodied by "Benji", a local hairdresser, embodying inclusivity and appreciation. The bandana's visual identity draws inspiration from the bustling streets of New York City, combining street textures, subway-inspired typography and the iconic paisley shape found in bandanas. It radiates hope, purpose and action.

With comprehensive digital branding guidelines, Bandana can shape the future of job search platforms. It's not just a brand; it is a movement – an idea worth uniting around.

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