The Clearing. Barnardo's rebranding logo design showcasing emotional support for UK youth.
May 8, 2024

Revitalizing Barnardo's: A New Brand Identity Rooted in Today's Youth Experiences

Barnardo's recent rebranding initiative addresses the evolving challenges faced by children, young people, and families in the UK. The charity, influential and deeply embedded in national culture, recognized a need to resonate more effectively with its young demographic, amidst growing social isolation and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis.

The core of the rebrand focused on understanding what it means to grow up in contemporary Britain. This insight emerged from workshops where young participants expressed feelings of disconnection and the need for a supportive space. The reimagined logo and brand elements, co-created with children using Barnardo's services, represent a "safe space" symbolized by each letter of the brand's name embodying different emotions. This typographic approach not only highlights the varied emotional states of the youth but also establishes a visual metaphor for the inclusive, supportive nature of the brand.

The comprehensive rebrand involved all stakeholders of Barnardo's, aiming to deepen connections and enhance its relevance. The launch was supported by national advertising and continues to be integrated across all platforms, ensuring that the brand's new voice and visual identity convey understanding and advocacy for the unique challenges faced by young individuals today. The ongoing collaboration with staff and users in implementing the new brand ethos showcases Barnardo's commitment to a supportive community that listens to and elevates the voices of its youth.

The Clearing. Visual identity update by Barnardo's reflecting modern challenges for young people.
The Clearing. Barnardo's new brand elements co-created with UK children, promoting inclusivity.
The Clearing. Typographic logo of Barnardo's embodying diverse youth emotions in the UK.
The Clearing. Barnardo's rebrand involves stakeholders for deeper connection with UK families.
The Clearing. Barnardo's updated visual metaphor for safe spaces, designed with young users.
The Clearing. National campaign launch showing Barnardo's new identity for supporting UK youth.
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