Decade SEO-optimized travel campaign mockup showcasing NYC subway ads with Paravel.
Mar 11, 2024

Paravel's Campaign: "Everywhere's a Trip" - Reinventing Everyday Travel

In a bold move, Decade and luggage brand Paravel embarked on their inaugural campaign, rooted in the philosophy that travel extends beyond the occasional jaunt to distant lands; it is an everyday adventure, viewed through the lens of a traveler. This innovative approach was meticulously encapsulated through the campaign’s central narrative, highlighting that the essence of travel can be found in the mundane, transforming local vicinities into scenes reminiscent of far-flung destinations.

Leveraging the nostalgic charm of vintage travel postcards and cinematic imagery, the campaign ingeniously married whimsy with wanderlust, underscored by the playful admonition, “everywhere’s a trip.” This catchphrase not only served as a gentle reminder of the omnipresent potential for adventure but also eloquently captured the brand’s ethos—imbuing everyday experiences with the thrill of exploration.

Focused predominantly on New York City, the campaign’s strategic placements in subway ads, a Broadway/Lafayette station takeover, along with MetroNorth and Grand Central showcases, ensured maximum visibility. This multifaceted approach, spanning both print and digital mediums, successfully conveyed Paravel’s message of humor and imagination, positioning the brand as a beacon for those who perceive travel not just as an activity, but as a state of mind.

Decade innovative luggage ad design, vintage postcard style for Paravel's campaign.
Decade's Paravel campaign visual: "Everywhere's a trip" slogan in NYC station.
Decade captures Paravel's ethos, travel-themed NYC subway advertising campaign.
Decade presents Paravel luggage brand, adventure in daily life, NYC-focused ads.
Decade blends vintage charm, modern travel, Paravel's NYC subway campaign visuals.
Decade highlights Paravel's travel spirit, NYC MetroNorth, Grand Central ads.
Decade's campaign for Paravel, everyday travel adventure, digital and print ads.
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