Beach Studio: Botivo brand identity, bold yellow design, inspired by vintage Italian aperitifs, low-alcohol drink.
May 27, 2024

Botivo: Crafting a Vibrant Visual Identity for the Low and No-Alcoholic Beverage Market

Botivo, a botanical drink designed for slow sipping, draws its inspiration from traditional aperitifs. The Beach team, immersed in the essence of the beverage, meticulously developed its brand identity to reflect the drink's unique character. Central to the design is an illustrated universe of lively characters, capturing the spirit of conviviality and relaxation that Botivo embodies.

The visual language leverages an iconic yellow hue, creating a striking and memorable presence on the shelf. This bold choice of color ensures that Botivo stands out in the burgeoning low and no-alcoholic sector. The design pays homage to vintage Italian aperitif labels, merging nostalgia with a distinctive modern twist. This blend of tradition and contemporary flair ensures that Botivo’s packaging is both familiar and fresh, appealing to a wide range of consumers.

The team’s art direction extended beyond the bottle, encompassing digital design, merchandise, and other touchpoints. Each element of the brand experience is carefully crafted to reinforce Botivo’s identity. The result is a cohesive and engaging brand that invites consumers to savor the moment, whether they are enjoying a drink over ice with soda water and a wedge of orange, or exploring the vibrant world of Botivo through its various brand expressions.

This harmonious blend of tradition and modernity reflects Botivo’s unique market position and offers a refreshing take on visual branding in the low and no-alcoholic beverage industry.

Beach Studio: Vibrant Botivo packaging, lively characters, modern twist on traditional aperitifs, unique botanical drink.
Beach Studio: Iconic yellow color, Botivo brand, low and no-alcoholic sector, vintage Italian label inspiration.
Beach Studio: Engaging Botivo design, botanical drink branding, nostalgic yet modern, standout packaging.
Beach Studio: Botivo visual identity, slow-sipping drink, vintage aperitif labels, contemporary design elements.
Beach Studio: Striking Botivo packaging, low-alcohol market, lively illustrated characters, memorable yellow branding.
Beach Studio: Botivo branding, Italian aperitif inspiration, bold yellow visuals, modern and traditional blend.
Beach Studio: Unique Botivo design, botanical drink, engaging brand experience, iconic yellow color, lively characters.
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