Turner Duckworth: Crumbl Cookies logo rebrand, classic meets innovation.
Mar 4, 2024

Crumbl Cookies: Crafting a Sweet, Distinctive Brand Identity with a Dash of Delight

Crumbl's rebranding journey encapsulates more than just a pursuit of the perfect cookie; it symbolizes a masterful blend of tradition and innovation. At the heart of Crumbl's new identity lies a logo that marries classic elements with unique, tasty details, emblematic of their scrumptious cookies. A pivotal inspiration drawn from Crumbl's iconic box shapes the brand's visual representation, enhancing its recognition with a more pronounced uniqueness.

The introduction of the "Crumblverse," an illustrative world, marks a significant leap towards portraying the brand's mission to unite friends and family over delightful treats. This imaginative domain brings to life Crumbl's community, stories, and the art of baking, underpinning the brand's essence of shared joy and culinary wonder.

Central to this reimagined identity is "Crumbl Sans," a bespoke variable typeface that fluidly transitions between playful charm and mouthwatering appeal, reflecting the brand's versatility from digital to physical experiences. This typeface is crucial in maintaining consistency across Crumbl's extensive touchpoints, ensuring a cohesive and immersive brand experience.

Photography plays a strategic role, with a focus on precision and creativity that mirrors the meticulousness of baking. The imagery adopts a polished aesthetic that captures Crumbl's offerings in a light that is both inviting and irresistibly appealing, aiming to evoke sensory pleasure and imaginative engagement.

Finally, acknowledging the strong community bond, the refreshed brand identity is designed to be flexible, fostering a sense of belonging and celebration among Crumbl's enthusiasts. This adaptability extends to merchandise, reinforcing the communal spirit and the collective enjoyment of Crumbl's offerings.

Turner Duckworth: Crumblverse illustration, friends, family, baking joy.
Turner Duckworth: Unique Crumbl box shape, brand identity enhancement.
Turner Duckworth: Crumbl Sans typeface, digital to physical brand unity.
Turner Duckworth: Photography captures Crumbl cookies, polished, inviting.
Turner Duckworth: Crumbl's community-focused brand identity, merchandise flexibility.
Turner Duckworth: Tradition and innovation blend in Crumbl's rebranding.
Turner Duckworth: Culinary wonder, shared joy in Crumbl's brand essence.
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