ORCA brand design for Damona, blending heritage with modern F&B trends, 170-year brewery evolution.
Apr 24, 2024

Damona: Reviving Heritage with a Modern Twist in a New F&B Brand

Damona was envisioned by ORCA as a strategic evolution of a venerable 170-year-old brewery, aiming to appeal to a broader demographic while staying rooted in tradition. The challenge was to create a standalone brand that could leverage the brewery's extensive heritage yet captivate a contemporary audience, thus securing a future-oriented market position.

The solution involved an immersive design process where ORCA delved into the brewery’s storied past to distill elements that could be transformed into a modern narrative. The design ethos centered on fusing historical craftsmanship with innovative F&B trends to develop a unique identity for Damona. This included selecting visual elements and color schemes that reflect both the rich history and the progressive aspirations of the brand.

ORCA's insight was grounded in the recognition of a market gap for an F&B brand that harmonizes traditional values with modern expectations. Damona’s branding thus communicates a narrative of quality and heritage but with a forward-looking approach designed to attract and engage a diverse new audience. This strategic blend of the old and the new not only pays homage to the brewery’s legacy but also paves the way for its continued relevance in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

ORCA’s strategic Damona project showcasing historical craftsmanship in a modern F&B narrative.
ORCA designed Damona identity, a modern twist on 170-year brewery heritage for broad appeal.
ORCA’s creation of Damona brand, merging traditional brewery values with contemporary design.
ORCA visual identity for Damona, innovative design meets historical brewery craftsmanship.
ORCA's Damona branding, strategic fusion of old and new in F&B, attracting diverse demographics.
ORCA's design for Damona, leveraging brewery heritage to craft a forward-looking F&B brand.
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