Futura. Saigoncito logo, Vietnamese Banh-Mi, Mexico City street food culture.
Mar 5, 2024

Saigoncito: A Culinary Bridge between Mexico and Vietnam through Vibrant Visual Identity

Saigoncito stands as the pioneering Vietnamese Banh-Mi street food stall in Mexico City, embodying the essence of street food culture that thrives both in Vietnam and Mexico. The core of Saigoncito's brand identity is deeply rooted in the bustling urban landscapes of Vietnam, aiming to transport a slice of Vietnamese street life to Mexico. The identity's foundation is built upon a chunky-typographical logo, drawing direct inspiration from the distinct visual language of Vietnamese street signage. This logo acts as a beacon, inviting patrons into a world where tradition meets modernity.

Diving deeper into the visual universe of Saigoncito, the brand employs illustrations that pay homage to traditional Vietnamese wood engravings. These illustrations, vibrant and full of life, depict everyday street scenes from Vietnam, serving as a narrative bridge between the two cultures. Further enriching the brand's identity, characters enjoying Banh-mi were introduced, infusing the brand with a sense of joy and accessibility. These characters are not just mascots; they are ambassadors of the Vietnamese urban culture, presented with a playful and modern twist.

Saigoncito's motto, "where Mexico and Vietnam unite by the love for coriander and sriracha," encapsulates the brand's essence. It highlights the shared culinary passions and serves as a reminder of the universal language of food. Through a careful blend of traditional elements and contemporary design, Saigoncito's visual identity stands as a testament to the power of design in bridging cultural divides, offering an inviting glimpse into the vibrant streets of Vietnam, right in the heart of Mexico City.

Futura. Vibrant Vietnamese urban scenes, traditional wood engraving illustrations.
Futura. Banh-mi eating characters, cultural bridge, Vietnam Mexico culinary fusion.
Futura. Street food culture homage, Saigoncito, Vietnam and Mexico unity.
Futura. Modern twist on traditional Vietnamese engravings, Saigoncito brand visuals.
Futura. Culinary love for coriander and sriracha, Saigoncito's unique motto.
Futura. Playful Banh-mi characters, Saigoncito’s ambassador, vibrant urban culture.
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