LG2 Studio: "Serres Toundra brand refresh, top cucumber producer, vibrant colors, modern design, SEO optimized."
Jan 19, 2024

"Serres Toundra: a fresh, friendly brand identity for a leading cucumber producer"

Serres Toundra, known for its high-quality cucumbers, decided to refresh the brand that reflects its core values of freshness and friendliness. Rooted in the essence of state-of-the-art greenhouses, this transformation is characterized by a vibrant, accessible visual identity.

The design reflects the brand's commitment to year-round vegetable production. The chosen typeface with rounded shapes reflects the abundant harvest of the greenhouse, symbolizing continuous growth and vitality. This element subtly communicates the brand's commitment to consistency and quality.

Moreover, the color palette, directly inspired by the diverse shades of the greenhouse, creates a visual connection with the brand's surroundings. It symbolizes not only the freshness of vegetables, but also informs consumers about the natural origin of the products. A thoughtful selection of colors emphasizes the brand's presence on grocery store shelves, distinguishing it from the competition.

Various brand assets come with fun illustrations. These are not mere decorative elements, but strategic tools to convey the friendly and approachable image of the Toundra brand. They resonate with consumers, adding a touch of warmth and approachability to products.

Since its founding in 2016, Serres Toundra has strived to provide Quebecers with tasty, local vegetables. The brand's inspirations, taken from Dutch greenhouse technology, can be seen in the modern approach to agriculture. This commitment to innovation and quality rightly positions Serres Toundra as a leader in the Quebec cucumber market.

LG2 Studio: "Innovative visual identity, Serres Toundra, leading quality cucumbers, fresh design, SEO focus."
LG2 Studio: "Fresh, friendly Serres Toundra brand, high-quality cucumbers, eye-catching visuals, SEO enhanced."
LG2 Studio: "Serres Toundra, cucumber market leader, dynamic brand identity, SEO-targeted design elements."
LG2 Studio: "Top cucumber producer Serres Toundra, refreshed brand, modern approach, SEO-friendly visuals."
LG2 Studio: "Leading brand Serres Toundra, high-quality vegetables, vibrant identity, optimized for SEO."
LG2 Studio: "Vibrant, friendly Serres Toundra brand, cucumber market leadership, visually appealing, SEO optimized."
LG2 Studio: "Serres Toundra's innovative, fresh visual identity, top cucumber brand, SEO effective design."
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