Beta: Eco-friendly Aromacup by Earthmade, made from innovative Bamboo-O material. Reusable coffee mug, sustainable design.
Nov 2, 2023

Earthmade's Aromacup: Pioneering Sustainable Coffee Drinkware with Bamboo-O Technology

Earthmade's Aromacup leverages Bamboo-O, a compostable blend of bamboo and starch, aligning with the brand's focus on sustainability.

The cup extends from the Aromabox lineage, prioritizing leakproof functionality, aesthetic uniqueness, and ease of use. It features a twist-to-open valve and removable silicone gaskets, ensuring a seamless, leakproof drinking experience.

Through iterative prototyping, the mug’s form and sealing mechanisms fulfill its primary role as a travel-friendly coffee mug without sacrificing eco-principles. A soft, ribbed texture ensures grip stability for the modern, on-the-go consumer.

Available in colors inspired by natural hues, the Aromacup subtly encourages sustainable engagement without compromising style or convenience.

Earthmade currently adopts a B2B model but plans to offer the Aromacup directly to consumers soon, with customization options.

Beta: Leakproof travel mug design, featuring twist-to-open valve and slim rim. User-friendly, ideal for on-the-go lifestyle.
Beta: Earthmade's Bamboo-O technology in drinkware, alternative to plastic cups. Compostable, aligning with sustainability goals.
Beta: Design details of Aromacup's removable silicone gaskets for leakproof performance. Easy cleaning and disassembly.
Beta: Ribbed texture on Aromacup for secure grip. Practicality meets aesthetic in eco-friendly travel mug.
Beta: Earthmade Aromacup in natural hues, inspired by oceans and sands. Sustainable practices in stylish design.
Beta: B2B distribution model for Earthmade's Aromacup. Customization options in colors and finishes for brand alignment.
Beta: Iterative prototyping process behind Earthmade's leakproof, sustainable Aromacup. Form meets function in eco design.
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