Champions: Revamping Quad's Visual Identity
Sep 19, 2023

Quad: A Visual Transformation Celebrating Five Decades of Excellence

Quad, a printing industry leader, underwent a visual transformation after 50 years. Champions partnered with them to create a new design system.

Founded in 1971, Quad's ethos has always been rooted in "a better way." The Quad Bug, a heritage mark, was reimagined as "fractiles" within the Kaleidoscope system.

Quad Blues, the employee uniform since 1994, became a symbol of resilience during the pandemic. Quad Signet modernizes the brand while retaining its core identity. The symbols font complements the Quad Signet.

Supporting typefaces, Quad Graphik Condensed and Quad Graphik Bold, introduce a double-story "g" for improved readability. This visual overhaul reflects Quad's commitment to excellence while embracing a new era of innovation and growth.

Quad's Evolution: A 50-Year Transformation
Quad's Core Values: "A Better Way" since 1971
The Quad Bug: From Heritage Mark to Fractiles
Quad Blues: Resilience Amid the Pandemic
Quad Signet: Modernizing with a Nod to Tradition
Symbols Font: Enhancing the Visual Language
Supporting Typefaces: Quad's Typography Evolution
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