Would Design EdC Coffee tin can packaging design, portable, designer coffee.
Feb 22, 2024

EdC Coffee®: Revolutionizing the Daily Commute with Designer-Inspired Packaging and Intuitive Selection System

The essence of EdC Coffee®'s brand identity is ingeniously encapsulated in its motto: "Coffee is the thing that designers carry every day." This concept guided the creation of a unique packaging solution - a portable, protective tin can, that not only serves the practical needs of its audience but also stands out with its aesthetic appeal. The design strategy employs a numerical sorting system for the products, prominently displayed in maximized fonts on the packaging. This choice ensures ease of selection for consumers, mirroring the efficiency and straightforwardness valued in design professions.

Drawing inspiration from everyday visuals, the digital font design is derived from arrow symbols found on road guide signs - a nod to the ubiquity of such elements in daily commutes and their clear, directive nature. This innovative approach bridges the gap between functional necessity and visual elegance, making EdC Coffee® a staple for designers and commuters alike.

The brand's color system is another testament to its thoughtful design process. It serves a dual purpose: distinguishing the origin of the coffee beans and infusing daily life with rich, joyful colors. This careful selection of hues not only enhances the visual appeal of the product but also enriches the consumer's experience by offering a glimpse into the diverse world of coffee through color.

In summary, EdC Coffee®'s brand identity and package design brilliantly reflect its core idea, blending practicality with design sophistication. The result is a product that not only caters to the daily needs of its target audience but also celebrates the essence of design in everyday life.

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Would Design EdC Coffee arrow-inspired digital font, road sign design.
Would Design colorful EdC Coffee packaging, origin-color system, designer brand.
Would Design EdC Coffee daily commute essential, protective tin packaging.
Would Design EdC Coffee design sophistication, intuitive selection, tin can.
Would Design EdC Coffee, vibrant packaging, designer coffee, numerical sorting.
Would Design EdC Coffee brand identity, road sign font inspiration, colorful design.
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