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Feb 7, 2024

Estal's Innovative Glass Packaging Redefines Brand Perception with Sustainable and Aesthetic Design

Estal, a leader in high-end glass packaging for the food and cosmetics industries, embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize its brand identity, reflecting its core essence of sustainability, innovation, and excellence. This rebranding initiative began with a comprehensive brand strategy workshop, establishing Estal's mission and vision focused on the use of recycled glass and embedding innovation and excellence as its fundamental values. This strategic foundation was crucial for guiding the creative conceptualization phase.

In this phase, the materiality of glass and its capacity to transform both the perception and presentation of products was highlighted. The concept that glass can enhance and alter the visual and tactile experience of products led the creative direction, emphasizing the unique silhouettes of Estal's often custom-made packaging. These silhouettes were used in visual compositions to showcase the packaging's impact on product perception and the environment.

The development of Estal's visual identity involved selecting a modern typeface, The Future by Klim Type, and a vibrant color palette featuring gradients. These elements symbolize the interaction of light and color through glass, reinforcing the brand's innovative vision. The comprehensive development of brand materials, including a brand application guide, web style sheets, and various marketing assets, enables Estal's design team to independently promote this new identity.

This renewed identity emphasizes Estal's commitment to innovation and enhancing product value through thoughtful design. It positions the brand as a market leader in packaging design, advocating for a future where design and sustainability merge seamlessly.

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