And Form: Tokyo Dome City Branding: Innovative Digital-Analog Fusion in Design
Nov 24, 2023

"Revolutionary Brand Identity: Tokyo Dome City's Innovative Adaptive Identity System"

Tokyo Dome City, a diverse entertainment hub, has embarked on a major renovation with the introduction of an "adaptive identity system." The system redefined its visual identity by combining analog and digital elements, ensuring design consistency across platforms.

Key challenges identified included fragmented identity and lack of visual coherence. In response, a new identity system was created that included digital signage, logos, animated graphics, merchandise and audio. The design ethos was based on four core values: “Exciting”, “Fun”, “Relaxing” and “Modern”. This approach aimed to create a scalable, timeless identity, removing previous inconsistencies.

The cornerstone is the original logo, using a non-standard font symbolizing the diverse character of the city. This logo dynamically represents the interplay of various objects, activities and guests. The versatility of the design appeals to a wide demographic.

The breakthrough feature is the original variable font, created in collaboration with font designer Toshi Omagari. It dynamically adapts to Tokyo Dome City's diverse offerings, varying character weights and widths, breaking conventional font constraints.

Importantly, proprietary software was developed for the adaptive identity system, enabling versatility in design for various platforms, including the largest screens in Japan. Developed using aircord, this software allows you to easily generate video, combining text, images and videos, in a way that is accessible to non-designers.

The project transcends digital and analog boundaries to offer a unified, scalable design across all media. This adaptability allows for the creation of a unique, consistent "city" identity for Tokyo Dome City.

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