Shuka Design. Jiffy London grocery store branding, robin logo, "Robin Red" color, urban market appeal.
Jan 26, 2024

"Jiffy: Care and Speed in London's Local Food Scene"

Jiffy, the London-based digital grocery store, is redefining ultra-fast delivery by integrating care into its visual identity. The initial logo, a vortex symbol, did not appeal to Londoners who enjoy grocery shopping. This discrepancy led to a rethinking of the essence of the Jiffy brand.

The new identity moves away from the usual speed and focuses on a more caring approach. The robin, Britain's beloved bird, becomes the focal point, symbolizing both speed and protectiveness. This is embodied in the logo's right-pointing crescent wings, which evoke a sense of embrace and care.

Simplicity reigns supreme in Jiffy's visual language. The wordmark and logo have complementary cuts and curves, creating a consistent and recognizable brand image. Using “Robin Red” as the primary color strategically communicates brand values. In urban touchpoints, this vibrant hue attracts potential customers, while a muted tone is used with existing customers, suggesting a shift from attractiveness to comfort.

This thoughtful redesign by Jiffy reflects not only the efficiency of its services, but also the company's commitment to customer service, which sets it apart in London's competitive grocery delivery market.

Shuka Design. Digital grocery identity, Jiffy London, nurturing robin symbol, vibrant urban branding.
Shuka Design. London Jiffy store visual redesign, protective robin emblem, customer-focused approach.
Shuka Design. Jiffy grocery branding London, robin logo symbolism, "Robin Red" primary color.
Shuka Design. Ultra-fast delivery Jiffy London, caring brand identity, robin bird motif.
Shuka Design. Jiffy digital grocery, London market, robin protection symbol, brand consistency.
Shuka Design. London Jiffy branding, customer care focus, robin bird logo, urban color strategy.
Shuka Design. Redefining Jiffy grocery London, nurturing robin logo, visual identity appeal.
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