Ragged Edge: Marshmallow rebranding image showcasing innovative insurance solutions for UK migrants.
Oct 31, 2023

Marshmallow: Rewriting Insurance Narratives by Celebrating the Unaverage— A New Visual Identity that Insures Difference

In an insurance landscape dominated by statistical averages, Marshmallow emerges as a brand dedicated to individuality, specifically targeting the global migrant community in the UK. The challenge was to deviate from traditional insurance models that neglect unique individual circumstances.

The visual identity centers on 'infinite variation', marrying functional coherence with aesthetic allure through a modular system filled with character-rich illustrations. Verbally, the brand adopts a relatable, barrier-free tone, reflecting a cosmopolitan worldview.

Culminating the rebrand is the logo mascot, a visual epitome of the brand's warmth and inclusivity. Paired with a customized, accessible typeface, the mascot announces that "difference is delightful." Marshmallow repositions itself not as a mere insurance service, but as an ally that celebrates individuality, making a disruptive imprint on a homogenous industry.

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