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Apr 5, 2024

"People Made Machines: Reinventing Tech Consultancy with a Retro-Futuristic Identity"

In a market brimming with technology consultancies, "People Made Machines," based in Oslo, carves out a niche with its innovative approach and human-centric view on technology. Faced with the daunting task of establishing a distinctive presence in just four weeks, the challenge was to create a brand that stood out in a saturated IT landscape, attracting elite clients and the brightest minds in the industry.

The solution was a bold departure from the norm. The consultancy's name, People Made Machines, serves as a powerful manifesto, emphasizing that the marvels of technology are the creations of human ingenuity. This philosophy is captured in a visual identity that pays tribute to the visionary spirit of retro technology, challenging the conventional expectations of a future-focused consultancy.

A comprehensive overhaul of the brand's identity, strategy, and online presence, including the development of a user-centric website, was undertaken to reflect this ethos. This rebranding strategy was aimed not just at differentiation but at forging a deep, meaningful connection with the audience by highlighting the symbiotic relationship between humans and machines. This approach endowed People Made Machines with warmth and relatability, setting it apart in a field often perceived as impersonal.

Through strategic competitor analysis and a detailed brand and content strategy, People Made Machines was positioned as a forward-thinking leader, ready to challenge the status quo from its inception. The company's identity, with its roots in the human element behind technology, establishes it as a beacon of innovation and collaboration in the tech consultancy realm.

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