Graphein: Naolib logo design showcasing Nantes Métropole's integrated transport services. Keywords: Branding, Nantes Mobility, Unified Transport.
Sep 28, 2023

Naolib: An Odyssey in Unifying Mobility Services for the Nantes Metropolitan Area – A Convergence of Citizen-Centric, Green, and Creative Visual Identity

Naolib centralizes transportation services in the Nantes metropolitan area, emerging from a multi-year consultation to simplify multimodal travel. Naolib combines "naoned," signifying "Nantais" in Breton, and "liberty," embodying fluid, free movement. This linguistic blend serves as the conceptual nucleus around which the visual identity is constructed.

The visual language is a distillation of Nantes' core traits—citizen-centric, green, and creative. It's not merely aesthetic but a functional navigational guide. Utilizing colors, typography, and iconography, the design fosters a sense of community and territoriality.

Naolib aims to be more than a service; it aspires to be an ecosystem that combines practical utility with visual elegance.

Graphein: Visual concept art illustrating Naolib's approach to fluid, agile movement. Keywords: Nantes, Multimodal Transport, Visual Identity.
Graphein: Naolib's color palette reflecting citizen-centric, green, and creative values. Keywords: Nantes, Brand Color, Eco-friendly.
Graphein: Typography style utilized in Naolib branding for optimized legibility and aesthetic appeal. Keywords: Nantes, Typography, Branding.
Graphein: Infographics detailing Naolib's services like Tan, Effia, Nge parkings, and Bicloo. Keywords: Nantes, Transport Services, Infographics.
Graphein: User interface showcasing the diverse travel modes offered by Naolib. Keywords: Nantes, UI Design, Mobility Options.
Graphein: Naolib's strategic roadmap to simplify and streamline public transport in Nantes. Keywords: Strategy, Nantes Mobility, Simplification.
Graphein: Sample marketing materials featuring Naolib's creative, bold, and accessible brand identity. Keywords: Nantes, Marketing, Accessibility.
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