Alphabet OnePlus product excellence & visual communication showcase.
Aug 11, 2023

Reimagining OnePlus: Evolving a Tech Titan's Packaging for Tomorrow.

OnePlus, a technology forerunner, understands the significance of not only product excellence but also impactful visual communication.

Engaged by OnePlus, Alphabet was entrusted with the crucial mission of rejuvenating the brand's packaging, encompassing everything from their flagship smartphones to intricate accessories. This wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about encapsulating OnePlus’ ethos of innovation and distinction.

Drawing inspiration from the sleek, user-friendly designs of OnePlus products, the packaging was envisioned to be an extension of the user experience - a teaser of what lies inside. Every design element was deliberately chosen to echo the brand’s core values, affirming OnePlus's position as a beacon of tech sophistication.

Alphabet's collaboration with OnePlus on packaging design
Alphabet Revitalizing OnePlus brand packaging: smartphones to accessories.
Alphabet OnePlus ethos: Merging aesthetics with innovation & distinction.
Alphabet Sleek design inspiration: OnePlus product user experience.
Alphabet OnePlus packaging: Extension of premium user experience.
Alphabet Design choices reflecting OnePlus's core brand values.
Alphabet OnePlus as a symbol of tech excellence & sophistication
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