Nomad - UK's leading petcare Pets at Home brand transformation.
Aug 28, 2023

Rebranding ‘Pets at Home’: A Unified Visual Identity Celebrating Pet-Human Bonds.

With a stronghold in the UK's petcare domain via its 450 stores, "Pets at Home" faced a challenge of diversified identities leading to brand recognition issues. This transformation, led by Cath Ryan, sought to unify this divergent landscape.

The preceding brand structure comprised various sub-brands and services, sharing core values but visually disparate. The revamp hinges on 'Pets', a term reflecting simplicity and dedication. Augmented by a commanding logo, it anchors the sub-brands, creating a consolidated, powerful identity.Graphics showcase the symbiotic relationship of pets and owners. Paws intertwined with fingerprints, evolving into designs portraying affection, play, or mere companionship, offer distinctive visual experiences.

Roo Lewis’s photography captures the essence of the pet-human bond, revealing both mirroring and unexpected alliances. Meanwhile, a collaboration with Colophon birthed the 'Pets Headline' typeface, striking a balance between expressiveness and trust. Lastly, illustrations, curated alongside Hannah Warren, sprinkle humor and warmth, elevating the brand journey.

In summation, this rebranding isn't just visual. It's a tribute to the profound emotions between pets and humans, echoing a harmonized brand ethos.

Nomad - Diversified identity challenges in Pets at Home branding.
Nomad Cath Ryan's vision for unified petcare branding.
Nomad Revamped Pets logo anchoring multiple sub-brands.
Nomad Graphics symbolizing bond between pets and owners.
Nomad Roo Lewis's pet-owner bond photography for branding.
Expressive Pets Headline typeface by Colophon collaboration.
Nomad Illustrations by Hannah Warren enhancing pet brand journey.
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