5.5 Studio Pilo Lyon hostel innovation visual identity design.
Apr 4, 2024

"Pilo: Reinventing the Hospitality Industry with Fun Visuals and an Unconventional Approach"

Pilo emerges as a revolutionary concept in Lyon's hotel scene, set within the historic charm of a 19th-century college on the slopes of Croix Rousse. This unique space blurs the lines between hostel, office and restaurant, embodying a hybrid that promises the comfort of a hotel infused with the vibrant spirit of a youth hostel. Driven by the creative force of 5.5, Pilo's visual identity is a testament to innovation and playful design.

The creative team set out on a journey to redefine the hotel's aesthetic, incorporating elements traditionally found in a hotel laundry room. Their approach was to create a visual language that embodied comfort and nostalgia while adding a sense of fun. The result is custom typography inspired by the folds of bed linen, a unique combination of practical and whimsical elements such as slippers emblazoned on T-shirts, messages written on bed linen, and an iron reinvented as a work of art. Moreover, the use of embroidered patches to mark rooms, similar to personalizing items with initials on a pillow, adds a personal touch to guests.

Pilo's visual identity goes beyond mere aesthetics; is a story about creativity, comfort and unconventionality. Through a clever combination of design and usability, Pilo invites guests to a space where work and relaxation coexist harmoniously, reflecting a philosophy of unrestrained comfort and flexibility. This case study demonstrates the power of thoughtful design in transforming traditional spaces into vibrant, multi-functional environments that meet the modern traveler's desire for authenticity and innovation.

5.5 Studio Creative hotel visual language playful design elements.
5.5 Studio Typography inspired by linen folds hospitality redefined.
5.5 Studio Unique slippers t-shirt design in Lyon's Pilo.
5.5 Studio Messages on sheets, artful iron, hotel nostalgia.
5.5 Studio Embroidered patches for room ID, personal touch.
5.5 Studio Hybrid hostel-office-restaurant concept in Lyon.
5.5 Studio Design meets utility in Pilo, comfort and creativity.
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