High Tide: Resy's refreshed logo design showing technological innovation and hospitality. Ideal for restaurant reservations.
Oct 25, 2023

Resy’s Visual Identity Transformation: A Harmonious Blend of Technology and Hospitality Culminating in Playful Sophistication

When Resy, a restaurant-focused reservation platform, sought to expand its brand identity, it collaborated with High Tide to architect a robust yet playful design language. The project's guiding principle was to create an identity that spoke both to the technological innovation Resy embodies and the warmth inherent in the hospitality industry. The effort culminated in a system that smoothly transcends the boundary between the digital and physical realms, making the brand feel both grounded and ethereal.

At its core, Resy's new visual identity celebrates the intimate experiences that dining out can offer, echoing the brand's motto of "transforming the hospitality landscape." High Tide introduced whimsical elements, providing a touch of levity to an otherwise utilitarian technological interface. The playful motifs act as subtle signifiers, reminding users of the joyous occasions that the service facilitates—be it a casual brunch or a grand soirée.

The palette employs both soft and vibrant colors to exude an air of sophisticated warmth. It is an ingenious reflection of Resy’s dual nature: the technical robustness of a digital platform combined with the personalized touch of a dining concierge. This delicate balance ensures that the identity remains adaptable across multiple platforms, whether in mobile apps or marketing campaigns.

The project’s success has not only refreshed Resy's brand but has also inspired subsequent art directions and campaigns. It stands as a testament to the power of strategic design in encapsulating a brand's essence while elevating its visibility and user experience.

High Tide: UI mockup of Resy's mobile app displaying playful motifs, optimized for dining and hospitality.
High Tide: Visual elements from Resy's rebranding, showcasing whimsical graphics for user-friendly restaurant booking experience.
High Tide: Marketing campaign graphics for Resy, highlighting its sophisticated color palette suitable for a modern dining audience.
High Tide: Resy's digital-physical design interface, aimed at seamless restaurant booking and vibrant user experience.
High Tide: Branding material of Resy featuring its new visual identity, geared towards transforming hospitality through tech.
High Tide: Snapshot of Resy's adaptive brand identity across multiple platforms, accentuating its tech-savvy, hospitable nature.
High Tide: Art direction samples following Resy's rebrand, demonstrating strategic design in enhancing brand visibility and user engagement.
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