Deuce Studio - Roll & Play Press brand refresh, turquoise color scheme, RPG gaming, fantasy monogram.
Jan 22, 2024

Reimagining Fantasy Gaming: A captivating refresh of the Roll & Play Press brand

Roll & Play Press, an emerging force in fantasy role-playing games, recently embarked on a transformational journey to revitalize its brand identity. Known for engaging content and guides for gamers of all levels, the independent publisher has sought to improve its image to reflect the professional quality and creative spirit that defines its offerings.

A key decision in the redesign was the transition from the original orange color scheme to distinct shades of turquoise. This strategic choice distinguishes Roll & Play in a market usually dominated by warm reds and blacks, emphasizing their uniqueness and independent character. Maintaining the shape of the cube, a symbol synonymous with Roll & Play, ensured brand continuity while moving into more captivating and mystical visual territory.

The new brand identity is centered around a monogram in the shape of a 20-sided cube. This iconic element not only serves as a compact brand marker, especially useful in applications such as book spines, but also embodies the essence of the brand. The dice motif transforms into windows opening onto mythological landscapes or portals for fantasy characters, illustrating the limitless and imaginative nature of Roll & Play content. Functionally, the cube design also serves as a text holder and a stylish digital button.

Complementing the visual branding, an e-commerce website was created that seamlessly integrates new brand elements. The website improves the user experience with enhanced features, ensuring easy navigation and product discovery. Additionally, Roll & Play's commitment to inspiring its customers is evident in its carefully designed delivery packaging, encouraging players to discover new worlds.

Overall, the rebrand of Roll & Play Press embodies a successful fusion of fantasy and functionality, capturing the essence of the brand while ushering it into a new era of growth and recognition in the world of fantasy gaming.

Deuce Studio - 20-sided dice logo, Roll & Play Press, fantasy gaming, enchanting brand identity.
Deuce Studio - Roll & Play Press e-commerce website, user-friendly design, gaming product discovery.
Deuce Studio - Fantasy RPG branding, Roll & Play Press, turquoise and black color palette.
Deuce Studio - Engaging Roll & Play Press packaging, fantasy gaming, customer inspiration.
Deuce Studio - Roll & Play Press digital presence, stylish website design, gaming navigation.
Deuce Studio - Roll & Play Press, innovative fantasy gaming brand, captivating visual identity.
Deuce Studio - Roll & Play Press, monogram design, gaming world exploration, fantasy themes.
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