Fisk Brand Identity: Bold, Accessible Wine Design, Natural Wine Trend, The Marigny Collaboration.
Feb 2, 2024

"Drink This Wine: Creating a Standalone Identity for Fun, Approachable Wine"

Drink This Wine's brand identity elegantly combines boldness and approachability, targeting a wide range of food lovers, wine experts and novices. This bright red blend is positioned as an enjoyable and accessible natural wine option. The identity was created with the desire to have a significant impact on the market, appealing to the tastes of consumers who value both quality and simplicity in their wine choices.

The design process was highly collaborative, focusing on developing a look and feel that was both unique and reflective of the product's character. Key elements such as color, typography, layout and graphics were carefully considered. Inspiration was taken from the playful typography of European café signs, combined with contemporary shapes, resulting in a distinctive wine label. Particularly noteworthy is the specially drawn typography on the label, which captures the essence of the casual and pleasant nature of the wine.

This project demonstrates the power of thoughtful design in creating a brand identity. The result is not just a label, but a representation of the essential attributes of wine - simplicity, fun and accessibility. A wine's identity effectively stands out, making it appealing to a wide range of consumers, from casual drinkers to sophisticated wine lovers. The label design effectively conveys the essence of the product, making Drink This Wine a memorable and inviting choice in the natural wine category.

Wine Label Design: European Cafe Typography, Modern Shapes, Artistic Wine Branding.
Drink This Wine: Unique, Approachable Label, Food Enthusiast Appeal, Wine Market Impact.
Natural Wine Identity: Fun, Easygoing Character, Quality Wine Choice, Consumer Resonance.
Collaborative Design: Wine Typography, Colorful Layout, Innovative Wine Brand Identity.
Memorable Wine Branding: Simple, Fun Wine Label, Attracts Wine Experts and Novices.
Distinctive Wine Label: Playful Design, Accessible to Casual Drinkers, Wine Aficionados.
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