Navigating the Overwhelm of Content Choices: Visual Identity for RTS Cambridge Convention 2023 Strikes a Playful Balance

Studio Kiln was commissioned by 4creative to craft the visual identity for RTS Cambridge Convention 2023, an event dissecting the future of media and technology. The theme, "Too Much To Watch," encapsulated the challenge of information overload in contemporary media consumption. Studio Kiln responded with a dynamic design featuring balloon-like, colorful lettering that inflated to fill various media touchpoints, from screens to book covers.

Inspired by the event's focus, this adaptable identity imitated a crowded screen where every word competes for attention. The design thus ingeniously mirrored the content-choice dilemma central to the convention's discussions. Serving as a vibrant backdrop for talks from industry leaders, this identity marks a bold leap in RTS's event branding, capturing the intricate balance between delightful overwhelm and nuanced insight.

Studio Kiln Design Elements: Book covers with inflatable text reflecting information overload.
Studio Kiln Spatial Design: Pillar graphics in event space showcasing brand identity for RTS 2023.
Studio Kiln Touchpoints: Multi-channel visual identity adapting to windows and other surfaces.
Studio Kiln Event Experience: Dynamic backdrop for talks by ITV and BBC executives at RTS Cambridge 2023.
Studio Kiln Core Theme: Designs inspired by 'Too Much To Watch' topic, engaging audience visually.
Studio Kiln Functional Aesthetics: Design balancing form and function for an intellectual environment.
Studio Kiln Future of Broadcast: Visual identity contributes to dialogue on media and broadcasting's future.
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