Kinoto Studio: Soto, innovative gender-neutral leather bags, artistic design, quality materials, modern trends.
Jan 18, 2024

"SOTO: A harmonious combination of classic elegance and modern fashion trends without gender"

Soto is emerging as a groundbreaking brand in the gender-neutral leather bag industry, distinguished by its artistic design philosophy and exceptional material quality. The vision for Soto's brand identity skillfully combines traditional elements with contemporary trends, reflecting the innovative spirit of the brand. The logo, a cornerstone of this identity, is crafted in a classic serif font, embodying timelessness and sophistication. This contrasts with the use of the Grotesk font throughout the text, introducing a modern and clean aesthetic that resonates with current trends.

The color scheme plays a key role in defining Soto's unique personality. The distinctive "Soto Blue" replaces the traditional black, establishing a distinctive and strong visual identity. This color choice not only sets Soto apart in the market, but also aligns with the brand's ethos of breaking norms and being bold. The limited but striking palette highlights the brand's commitment to simplicity and the power of design.

The synergy of typefaces – Migra by Pangram Pangram and Sneak by Tighttype – further strengthens the dual character of the brand. Migra adds an atmosphere of approachability and freshness, while Sneak introduces an element of sharpness and precision. This typographic balance reflects Soto's philosophy of combining the classic with the contemporary, appealing to a broad, gender-inclusive audience.

Soto's visual identification is a testament to the power of thoughtful design in expressing the brand's core values and vision. The harmonious integration of traditional and modern elements, supported by a bold choice of colors and a judicious combination of typefaces, makes Soto stand out in the world of fashion.

Kinoto Studio: Soto's brand identity, classic serif and Grotesk fonts, contemporary style, fashion design.
Kinoto Studio: Soto blue color scheme, unique visual identity, bold design, trendsetting in leather bags.
Kinoto Studio: Soto, blending classic and modern, gender-inclusive fashion, serif and Grotesk fonts.
Kinoto Studio: Soto's innovative fashion, gender-neutral bags, quality materials, artistic approach.
Kinoto Studio: Soto's unique identity, modern trends, classic elegance, gender-inclusive design.
Kinoto Studio: Soto's visual identity, bold Soto blue, contemporary style, leather bag industry.
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