Graphéine's Vision: Université de Lille's Academic Strength
Jul 27, 2023

Crafting Université de Lille's Vision: A Bold Academic Identity

In January 2022, Université de Lille emerged as a formidable academic force, a culmination of five institutions converging in Lille, France, to establish one of Europe's largest universities. Boasting over 80,000 students, this academic powerhouse aspires to redefine progress, pioneer innovative educational programs, and push the boundaries of research while forging deep connections within its metropolitan, regional, and global ecosystem.

This newly formed entity, Université de Lille, stands as an "EPE" (experimental public institution), encompassing students from the former Université de Lille, Lille School of Journalism (ESJ Lille), Lille National School of Architecture and Landscape (ENSAPL), National School of Textile Arts and Industries (ENSAIT), and Sciences Po Lille. Université de Lille embodies the spirit of social, economic, and environmental transition, bridging the wealth of French knowledge to the northern reaches of Europe.

In this transformative journey, Graphéine played a pivotal role, collaborating closely with Université de Lille to shape its visual identity, brand architecture, and graphic guidelines. Through a series of co-creative workshops conducted from June to July 2021, the project's stakeholders delved deep into the core values, symbolic vision of the university, and the portrayal of the vibrant Lille region. The result is a visual identity that encapsulates the essence of Université de Lille's academic prowess and commitment to global progress.

A New Beginning: Université de Lille's Inception by Graphéine
Shaping Education: Graphéine's Role in Université de Lille
Progress Redefined: Université de Lille's Ambition with Graphéine
Forging Connections: Graphéine's Impact on Université de Lille
Transitioning Together: Université de Lille's Mission with Graphéine
Visualizing Excellence: Graphéine's Influence on Université de Lille
Graphéine's Legacy: Université de Lille's Distinctive Visual Identity
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