Design Studio: "Revolutionizing Women's Rugby: Dynamic WXV Branding and Logo for SEO"
Jan 23, 2024

Revolutionizing women's rugby: WXV's dynamic visual identity and strategic branding

The WXV project embodies a key transformation in women's rugby, leveraging the momentum of the 'Team Powered' campaign. The new brand of the WXV 15-team women's world tournament aims to take women's rugby to an unprecedented level, promoting a more competitive and inclusive environment.

WXV's strategic foundations are deeply rooted in the success of the "Team Powered" campaign. This approach emphasizes a family-friendly, fun and celebratory narrative, making rugby more accessible and engaging to audiences around the world. The essence of the brand is to support the development of the game and transform it into a universally attractive sport.

Visually, the WXV identity is a living representation of the connected energy inherent in rugby. This energy symbolizes the driving force of sport and its ability to unite both players and fans. The logo, a creative combination of a rugby ball placed between the letters "W" and "XV", dynamically reflects the essence of the game. It was created to convey movement and vitality, qualities key to rugby. The color palette is an extension of the 'Women in Rugby' palette, now more lively and vibrant, appealing to a new audience.

Further refinement of this identity, movement principles and illustration styles create a seamless connection to the campaign's roots. Photography and codified rules for tone of voice further deepen the narrative by offering a diverse but unified verbal and visual language. The branding approach intelligently balances different moments in sport, ensuring brand flexibility and ease of use.

The launch of WXV in October 2023 has already started to change the landscape of women's international rugby. It provides a meaningful pathway for all unions, setting the stage for an expanded Rugby World Cup with 16 teams in 2025. This strategic and visual rebrand is not just an identity change; is a cultural and competitive step forward in women's rugby.

Design Studio: "Women's Rugby Rebrand: WXV Tournament, Team Powered Campaign for SEO"
Design Studio: "Cultural Shift in Women's Rugby: WXV Branding, Unified Visual Language for SEO"
Design Studio: "WXV Rugby Branding: Vibrant Colors, Dynamic Logo, Global Appeal for SEO"
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Design Studio: "Engaging Women's Rugby Audience: WXV's Vibrant Visual Identity for SEO"
Design Studio: "WXV's Competitive Rugby Landscape: New Brand, Logo, and Strategy for SEO"
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