OGAF STUDIO. Eco-friendly brand identity design featuring bee motif for pollinator conservation.
May 10, 2024

You and Bees: Crafting a Buzz Around Pollinator Conservation through Brand Identity

You and Bees, a family-run business from the regions of Brittany and Pays de la Loire, exemplifies commitment to environmental sustainability and pollinator conservation through its thoughtfully designed brand identity. Central to their branding is the motif of the bee, an essential pollinator, symbolizing the company's core mission of ecosystem preservation.

The logo, which features a stylized bee intertwined with elements of urban and rural landscapes, underscores their work in installing hives in urban settings—rooftops, parks, and gardens. This visual synthesis not only represents the integration of nature within city life but also highlights their educational efforts in promoting beekeeping best practices among professionals and enthusiasts.

The choice of earthy colors within the palette reinforces the natural foundation of the brand, invoking a sense of growth and vitality which aligns with their environmental objectives. Packaging follows a minimalist approach, focusing on sustainability and using recycled materials, which speaks directly to the eco-conscious consumer.

Through these design choices, You and Bees conveys a clear and potent message about the importance of ecological stewardship and community engagement in preserving pollinators. This brand identity not only captures the essence of their mission but also serves as a call to action, inviting others to participate in the crucial task of safeguarding our environmental future.

OGAF STUDIO. Sustainable packaging, minimalist design, recycled materials by You and Bees branding.
OGAF STUDIO. Beekeeping education highlighted in You and Bees brand identity with urban integration.
OGAF STUDIO. Environmental preservation through eco-conscious branding by You and Bees.
OGAF STUDIO. Brand identity with bee motif symbolizing ecosystem preservation by You and Bees.
OGAF STUDIO. Eco-friendly colors in You and Bees branding emphasize natural growth and vitality.
OGAF STUDIO. Bee logo intertwined with urban elements reflects rooftop hives installation.
OGAF STUDIO. Community engagement in pollinator conservation showcased in You and Bees brand design.
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