Alleima: Reinventing Metallurgy with Kurppa Hosk
Aug 31, 2023

Alleima: Forging a Future from Metallurgy Heritage

In a remarkable transformation, Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT) emerged from its parent company, Sandvik, to embark on a visionary journey towards becoming Alleima. This profound evolution was not just a rebranding; it represented a three-year strategic and creative partnership with Kurppa Hosk. Together, they meticulously crafted a brand poised to shape the future, uniting employees, clients, partners, and investors under one compelling identity.

Alleima, previously SMT, stands as a testament to Swedish industrial history. Its rebirth brings forth a clear strategic vision, positioning the brand as a technology leader, a progressive customer partner, and a sustainability trailblazer.

The name "Alleima" draws inspiration from its metallurgy roots, symbolizing an unwavering commitment to advancing materials. Notably, for a brand with a significant presence in China, the creation of a Chinese adaptation was a pivotal step.

What makes Alleima truly extraordinary is its ability to seamlessly blend its rich heritage with a forward-looking approach. Past and present converge within Alleima, where epic-scale operations coexist with precision engineering, and traditional craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology.

A key aspect of the rebrand was to infuse the organization with a new sense of purpose and pride. With deep emotional ties to the old brand, instilling excitement and understanding among employees was a sensitive yet essential task.

Beyond just a visual identity, Alleima required a comprehensive design system to ensure consistency and precision across multiple global touchpoints. The resulting graphic expression pays homage to the industrial giants of the past while embracing a contemporary Scandinavian design sensibility. It combines materiality, imagery, tone of voice, and intricate visual details to create an expression that not only fits the present but also paves the way for Alleima's promising future.

In essence, Alleima is more than a rebrand; it's a bold statement of innovation, heritage, and a relentless commitment to shaping the world of material technology.

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