Applied Design: Mockly® Second Line non-alcoholic cocktails, New Orleans-inspired design, health-conscious choice.
Jan 4, 2024

Mockly® Second Line: The Essence of New Orleans in a Non-Alcoholic Elixir

Mockly® recently unveiled 'Second Line,' a novel range of non-alcoholic cocktails, marking a significant shift in the beverage industry. This line caters to health-focused consumers, blending cultural richness with sophisticated, alcohol-free options. The standout flavor, 'Madame L’Orange: Smoked Citrus Elixir,' epitomizes the essence of New Orleans. It evokes images of smoky jazz clubs and the vibrant nightlife of the French Quarter, offering a mature, enigmatic taste profile.

Unlike typical mocktails that mimic alcoholic beverages, Mockly® Second Line forges a new path. It targets discerning flavor enthusiasts who value experiences over alcohol content. The brand message is clear: life's moments are to be savored, with a focus on novel flavors and the joy of living.

The packaging design of Mockly® Second Line is a homage to New Orleans' Second Line parades. These parades symbolize the city's dynamic, celebratory spirit, mirrored in the brand's freeform and vivid essence. The packaging features a sultry color palette, elegant typography, and artwork subtly infused with jazz elements. It's designed to transport consumers to New Orleans, with sensory cues like citrus aromas, smoky undertones, and a hint of secret spices, accompanied by the immersive sounds of jazz.

The ultimate goal of Mockly® Second Line is to position Mockly® as the premier choice for health-conscious individuals seeking a premium, culturally rich drinking experience. The design strategy emphasizes how these mocktails encapsulate the spirit of New Orleans - a fusion of tradition, taste, and wellness.

Applied Design: Mockly® Madame L'Orange, Smoked Citrus Elixir, evocative of French Quarter nightlife.
Applied Design: Unique mocktail branding, Mockly® Second Line, sophisticated flavor-focused design.
Applied Design: Mockly® Second Line packaging, New Orleans jazz elements, premium non-alcoholic experience.
Applied Design: Celebratory spirit of New Orleans in Mockly® mocktails, elegant typography, vivid colors.
Applied Design: Mockly® Second Line's sensory journey, citrus and smoke notes, immersive jazz artwork.
Applied Design: Health-conscious, culturally rich drinking experience with Mockly® Second Line mocktails.
Applied Design: Tradition meets taste in Mockly® Second Line, non-alcoholic New Orleans spirit encapsulated.
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