Slater Design. Bunsen burger rebrand. Minimalistic design inspired by science, conspiracy, internet culture. Bold lines.
Jun 13, 2024

Evolving Bunsen: A Burger Brand's Journey through Complex Simplicity and Irreverent Charm

The rebranding of Bunsen, a cult-favorite burger chain, delves into the essence of its appeal: simplicity done right. Inspired by diverse themes like science, conspiracy, and internet culture, the new visual identity builds intrigue with minimalistic yet complex elements. The refreshed brand maintains its bold graphic lines and carefully selected materials, emphasizing texture, grids, layering, and repetition to embody 'complex simplicity.'

Environmental signage is bespoke to each location, enhancing the unique customer experience with complementary and contrasting materials. Digitally, the brand showcases its playful side through repurposed stock imagery, bold typography, and engaging graphics, reflecting its irreverent personality.

Slater Design. Bunsen rebranding. Complex simplicity. Bold graphics, unique materials, texture, and layering.
Slater Design. Bunsen visual identity. Minimalism meets intrigue. Graphic lines, diverse themes, repetition.
Slater Design. Bunsen environmental signage. Bespoke design, unique interiors, complementary materials.
Slater Design. Bunsen digital presence. Playful stock imagery, bold typography, engaging graphics, irreverent personality.
Slater Design. Bunsen brand refresh. Science-inspired, internet culture, minimal yet complex, bold visual elements.
Slater Design. Bunsen restaurant design. Unique look and feel, bespoke signage, complementary material choices.
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