Söderhavet Dalarna brand identity, bespoke typeface inspired by kurbits, vibrant red.
Mar 26, 2024

Dalarna brand identity: a tradition of weaving with innovation through custom typography and vibrant reds

In the heart of Sweden lies Dalarna, a region renowned for its deep-rooted cultural heritage, epitomized by Dala horses, historic copper mines and iconic red cottages amidst rolling landscapes. However, Dalarna's identity goes beyond its illustrious past and encompasses an ethos of looking to the future. This duality inspired the creation of a new visual identity, designed to honor its rich history while paving the way for future narratives.

The basis of this rebranding effort is a custom-made typeface that ingeniously integrates traditional folk art patterns – kurbits – into its very structure. This innovative approach allows for the creation of a dynamic storytelling medium, capable of encapsulating the essence of Dalarna in a single letter or conveying a broader narrative through word formations. The typeface's flexibility reflects the region's evolving identity, offering a versatile communication tool across platforms.

Enhancing the visual effect, the design raises Dalarna's signature red to an unprecedented level. This bold choice not only pays homage to the region's iconic cottages and landscapes, but also serves as a beacon of vitality and passion, signaling the region's readiness to welcome new stories and adventures.

Dalarna's new brand identity strikes a harmonious balance between respect for tradition and anticipation of future opportunities. It is a testament to the idea that history is not just a record of the past, but a foundation on which new stories are built - inviting residents and visitors alike to become part of Dalarna's ongoing saga.

Söderhavet Dalarna rebranding, folk art in typography, cultural heritage emphasis.
Söderhavet Dynamic typeface, Dalarna's tradition meets innovation, vivid red.
Söderhavet Dalarna's new visual identity, kurbits-patterned typography, iconic red.
Söderhavet Reimagined Dalarna brand, cultural motifs in custom typeface, deep red.
Söderhavet Dalarna identity design, heritage-inspired typography, bold red.
Söderhavet Custom typeface for Dalarna, integrating folk art, striking red.
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