Bold Scandinavia Qasa brand identity design for global home rentals.
Feb 23, 2024

Revolutionizing Home Rentals: Qasa's Brand Identity Unveils a Tangible Sense of Home

In a strategic initiative to redefine the home rental landscape, Qasa embarked on a mission to craft a brand identity that encapsulates the essence of a next-generation global home-rental experience. This vision aimed to transcend the transactional nature commonly associated with the sector, focusing instead on materializing the intangible feeling of belonging and warmth that a home imparts.

The creative journey began with a deep dive into the abstract and emotional value of "feeling at home." This exploration led to the innovative concept of "Lovable all around," a design philosophy that masterfully blends structural and organic forms to mimic the harmony found within the confines of a home. This approach not only reflects the emotional connection people seek with their living spaces but also positions Qasa as a pioneer in the prop-tech industry, especially in their operational territories across Sweden, Finland, and France, with plans to expand further in Europe.

The brand's expressive design language is a testament to this philosophy, uniting all aspects of the brand identity from the playful and distinctive logotype to the custom typography, illustrations, UI components, and graphic elements. This comprehensive design concept extends beyond mere visual appeal, aiming to simplify the user experience from digital interactions to physical communications, making the journey from finding a place to live to finding a home seamless and intuitive.

Qasa's brand identity is not just a visual makeover; it's a strategic move to position itself as the epitome of home rental experiences on a global scale, making the search for a home less about the transaction and more about finding a place where one can truly belong. This narrative is encapsulated in every element of Qasa's new identity, promising a future where the feeling of home is not just a concept, but a tangible reality for all.

Bold Scandinavia innovative home feeling concept in rental market.
old Scandinavia structural and organic forms blend in branding.
Bold Scandinavia unique logotype and typography in home rental.
Bold Scandinavia UI components design for seamless home search.
Bold Scandinavia expressive design language in prop-tech industry.
Bold Scandinavia making emotional home connection tangible.
Bold Scandinavia redefining home rental experience across Europe.
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