Tugg: Redefining Inclusive Dining
Aug 9, 2023

Tugg: A Global Identity Redefining the Fast Casual Dining Experience

In the pursuit of creating an inclusive dining environment, ARC, a Swedish fast-casual hamburger restaurant chain, faced a critical question: Should a restaurant aiming to cater to everyone be visually tethered to the nostalgic American hamburger culture? Kurppa Hosk, in collaboration with ARC, embarked on a transformative journey to redefine Tugg's visual identity.

Examining Tugg's existing brand identity revealed an opportunity to infuse more soul, dynamism, and global cultural representation. Challenging the established norms of the fast-food industry, an alternative visual identity for Tugg was proposed, transcending borders and drawing inspiration from diverse cultures worldwide. At its core, the new Tugg identity celebrates the universality of the beloved hamburger and how design can create an inviting space for people from all walks of life.

With this vision in mind, a vibrant visual universe was crafted, departing from the traditional American hamburger aesthetic. Infused with colorful graphics and playful typography, the Tugg family was introduced, featuring characters like Cheesela, Fritte, Gurra, Mustafa, Shalotte, and Ketty. Together, they invite everyone to Tugg City, a place where endless possibilities unfold, and all are embraced.

In the autumn of 2022, the new identity began its rollout, commencing with an updated website and a compelling communication campaign produced by the sister agency, Animal. The transformation extended to restaurants and street advertising in Gothenburg, with more Tugg locations gradually adopting the refreshed brand identity in the months to come. Tugg's evolution exemplifies the power of design to transcend cultural boundaries and create an inclusive dining experience for all.

Tugg's Visual Transformation by Kurppa Hosk
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Tugg's Identity Rollout in Autumn 2022
Designing Inclusivity: Tugg's Brand Evolution by Kurppa Hosk
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