Graphéine transforms ICC Immersion with versatile visual identity - France 2030 project.
Aug 2, 2023

Graphéine Transforms ICC Immersion into a Versatile Visual Identity for Global Outreach

ICC Immersion - Visual IdentityA Graphic System to Propel French Cultural Entrepreneurs onto the Global Stage

The "ICC Immersion" program, a collaborative initiative between the Institut Français and Business France under the France 2030 plan, targets companies in the creative and cultural industries, including audiovisual, immersive experiences, video games, sound and music, design, and architecture. This program aims to support selected enterprises in expanding internationally and establishing a foothold in their target markets to accelerate their growth.

Graphéine partnered with the teams at the Institut Français and Business France to create a visual identity for the "ICC Immersion" label. Designed to align with the program's values, this identity was crafted to thrive across a diverse range of communication channels. Importantly, its graphic guidelines encompassed extensive motion design possibilities for audiovisual applications, ensuring its adaptability and impact.

This visual identity serves as a powerful tool to empower French cultural entrepreneurs, enabling them to navigate the global landscape and showcase their creative prowess. It embodies the essence of international expansion, artistic innovation, and the collaborative spirit that drives the cultural and creative industries in France. Through a harmonious fusion of design elements, Graphéine has breathed life into the ICC Immersion program, providing it with the visual language needed to transcend borders and make a lasting impact on the global stage.

Visual identity for ICC Immersion by Graphéine - Boosting French culture globally.
Empowering French cultural entrepreneurs with Graphéine's ICC Immersion design.
ICC Immersion visual branding by Graphéine - Navigating global creative industries.
Graphéine's visual identity for ICC Immersion - Amplifying French culture."
ICC Immersion's dynamic design by Graphéine - A gateway to global success.
Graphéine's ICC Immersion branding - Elevating French creativity worldwide.
ICC Immersion's visual identity by Graphéine - Unleashing French culture globally.
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